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Movie [23 Oct 2007|08:46pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


Ok, slightly odd request here but whatever...

A while ago, as one of their 'Friday Movies' TMF aired this film where an american popstar became involved with the resistance effort in Germany. It was a weird, spoof/comedy film, featuring two guys dressing as a cow and hundreds of visual gags.

If anyone remembers the name of this film, or even an actor or some snippet of information, I would be really grateful!



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[15 Aug 2006|10:40am]

I recently bought a Warfdale freeview box from argos. everything seems to work fine apart from chanel 4 which isnt watchable as the signal drops constanitly and the screen goes blank every 3 seconds or so. does anyone know if this is a problem with the box? all other channels work fine

thanks :)
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IDTV vs set top box? [14 Aug 2006|02:24pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, BUT...

I need a new tv. do I pay the extra 100 quid for it, or do I simply get a set top box?

Someone told me that the set top box wont work after the switch to digital. is this correct?

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My new community [07 Jun 2006|04:35am]


Join if you <3 Pablo
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[03 Feb 2006|02:29pm]


Just joined. Wondering if anyone knows of sites with diagram guides as to how to set up tv, freeview box and dvd (NONE recordable)?

Ideally, i'd like to set up tv, freeview box, dvd and video, but my tv only has one scart socket, so don't think i'd be able to, would i?

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Problems [28 Dec 2005|08:33pm]

i just got a freeview box for christmas (a sagem itd68) and i've plugged it all in... Sounds fine but there's no picture. I had a picture in the beginning (it's itv3 more below) but now it's just a blank screen. I only have one AV channel... Any advice?? Thanks

I've checked all the cables including the scart

Okay, so I first turned it on and ITV3 loads fine (great picture, great sound). But if i tried to change the channel, the sound doesn't change but the picture goes blank. Trying to go back to ITV3 (channel 10) also doesn't work

I went to the menu to check which channels have the strongest signal and none of those load

So then I reset the channels. Now I turn it on, BBC1 loads fine. But if I try to change the channel, the sound remains, the picture goes blank and I can't get back to BBC1 and get the picture back without unplugging.
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bidding war for new channel slot! [10 Nov 2005|05:43pm]

Freeview bidding "reaches £10 million"

Bidding on the new Freeview slot has already reached the £10 million mark, Broadcast reports this week.

National Grid Wireless (NGW) had placed a guide price of £5.5 million on the eighteen-hour space, which becomes available at the end of the month.

Intense bidding has seen the price almost double, however, with Five thought to be offering "crazy money" to secure the slot.

Other parties include ITV, Channel 4, Disney, Sit Up, MTV, Top-Up TV, Chart Show Group, At The Races, Ideal Shopping Direct, Travel Channel and Quiz TV.

A decision on the slot winner is expected "imminently".
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Five [25 Oct 2005|04:47pm]

Five's Top Up promos breached regulations

I remember how annoying that banner was!
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[27 Aug 2005|11:21pm]

[ mood | amused ]

TMF have got some snazzy new DOGs that look......awful. They appeared the other night, broke the next day, haven't been used much today (as they have shown umpteen Pimp My Rides) but have now broken BIG STYLEEE

Basically at the moment, each song TITLE is correct but the artist is always Usher and the album is always Confessions. So the last 4 songs have been

"Ride Wit Me"

"X Gon Give It To Ya"

"Front 2 Back"


The Hits also cocked up last night, the showed they Ultimate 50 Old Skool Rock Tracks featuring Metallica "One", Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody", Alice Cooper "Posion" and, at number 8 in the chart, Natalie Imbruglia "Shiver"

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[17 Aug 2005|08:06pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Hi there -_- I'm new here
I was just wondering:
Does anyone know if any decent music video channels such as KerrangTV, B4 or Chart show TV coming to Freeview?
I would also like to know why there are time limits on Top up TV Channels like Cartoon Network and Boomerang?

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[09 Aug 2005|03:40am]

[ mood | confused ]

Insomniacs plus early rising bus drivers with snoring partners can now enjoy a truly great program "Signed by The Hits". 0300-0330 on The Hits (duh) sees the latest music choons accomponied by signing for the deaf. Because obviously the deaf audience is at it's peak in the wee small hours.....

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[02 Jul 2005|02:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

The Hits (ch18) has a new layout from early yesterday morning. It's bad. Mind you, this is the 3rd set of graphics I've seen them use and I've only been watching since October 2003 and TMF......well they are kinda still on the same lot they've always had (apart from the occasional new ident). MTV need to take that channel into the 21st century PDQ

Pics and more discussion at http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/showthread.php?t=242959

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[28 May 2005|12:52am]

E4 gas started to air on freeview from today! You should be able to pick up E4 and E4+1 today!
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Channel 4 to Launch E4 on Freeview [26 Apr 2005|04:07pm]

Channel 4 to Launch E4 on Freeview - 26/04/2005Collapse )
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Channels disappearing and breaking up [23 Apr 2005|05:59pm]

I just bought a widescreen TV and, despite checking the Freeview site and being told it wasn't available in my area, decided to get a digital one for when it is. However, when I set it up and tuned it in, it found a load of digital channels, which was quite a bonus!
Last night, while flipping through the channels, a lot of them came up 'Selected programme is not tuned' (ITV1 and 2, Channel 4 and BBC4 among others) - the rest seemed fine, no interference at all. I've just checked and ITV1 & 2 and Channel 4 were breaking up really badly, BBC4 seemed OK. So what I'm wondering is, was it that I was just lucky the first few days and this is something I'll have to put up with, or is it just an occasional phenomenon that happens in particular weather conditions?
Presumably, given that the site says I shouldn't even have Freeview I should just treat it as a bonus and wait until it is officially available. I also have analogue cable that shares many of the channels so I'm keeping that on until I can be sure I really do have digital!
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and some other news! [13 Apr 2005|04:11pm]

[ mood | content ]

More vacant Freeview slots on the way?

Crown Castle has found room for an additional two channels on Freeview, according to a report in the Media Guardian today.

Shortly after concluding deals with ITV and Channel 4 for two new stations on the platform, the transmission company is now said to be poised to unleash two more.

The new slots have all been made available through advances in compression technology.

ITV and Channel 4 paid around £5 million each for their channels, beating competition from broadcasters including Five, Disney, NBC and Turner.

Now it appears that the losers will have a third - and fourth - chance to land a spot on Freeview, although once again ITV and Channel 4 are expected to show interest in the digital real estate.

Crown Castle has declined to comment on the "speculation."

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Random freeview news! [13 Apr 2005|04:06pm]

ITV confirmed as Freeview slot winner 01/04/05Collapse )

Channel 4 'wins second Freeview slot' 07/04/05Collapse )

May launch for Men & Motors on Freeview - 07/04/05Collapse )
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Digi box crashing issues? [03 Mar 2005|11:39pm]

I love my digi box, but I have a lot of problems with it crashing :'( It tends to crash if I ever try to change the channel after watching for, say, longer than half an hour. It also has a tendency to switch itself on again after I switch it off.
Does your digi box crash often? How often? What make is it?
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tutv [03 Mar 2005|04:33pm]

What are your favorite channels on freeview? I tend to watch TMF, BBC3 and News24 more than the others. I wish abc1 was on at night :(
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[03 Mar 2005|02:10pm]

Crown Castle has squeezed out room for yet another new channel on Freeview, according to this week's Broadcast.

The transmission company is poised to announce the winner of the bidding for its first free slot, created on multiplex D using new compression technologies.

The same techniques are also being applied to CC's other Freeview multiplex, multiplex C, to make way for another 18-hour channel.

Either ITV or Channel 4 is expected to be successful in securing the first station but the loser - along with all the other unsuccessful bidders, including Five, Turner, Top-Up TV, Disney, NBC Universal and Sit-Up - will be invited to resubmit their proposals for the new vacancy.

EMAP, the company behind music channels The Box, Smash Hits and Kerrang, is also said to be "interested" by the free slot.
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